Since 1906 Dege Garden Center has been supplying vegetable and grower supplies to area market growers and homeowners. Begining in the late 40's, Al Dege operated the seed business and trained Katie in the 90's to take over after he retired. To this day those beautiful, antique seed bins take up an entire wall of the store. The seed department accounts for a significant part of the family business, and is now run by George Dege’s wife Katie Rhein-Dege.

     Katie knows the seed business inside and out, and thanks to the reputation of Katie and her seed crew for their knowledge and access to the best in seed sources, Dege’s has loyal customers all over the United States who often ignore their own local seed suppliers and stay on Dege’s shipping list. A significant number of Hmong families come from as far away as Eau Claire, Green Bay and Madison to pick up seeds for vegetables and greens that other suppliers don’t provide.
     Our company’s seed sources have also expanded from six suppliers to 27. Dege's also has ongoing relationships with several Farmers Market growers who give us in-depth analysis and feedback on what we sell.


Seed List
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